5/10/17 My Bliss

More doesn’t always mean better, sometimes less is more. Those are wise words that everybody most likely has heard at some time in their life. Probably you have heard it in the context of makeup, money, or clothing ((less skin showing)). This concept has become increasingly popular with natural look makeup trends and the #modestishottest movement. However, I am going to use that phrase in the context of stuff. Stuff is a very generic term, it essentially encompasses all worldly goods. When I enter my room I see a lot of bare space with sparse amounts of items on the tabletops and shelves. This isn’t because I hide things in drawers and closets or because I shove things under my bed. I just don’t have a lot of stuff and I am really proud of that. It has taken me a long time to declutter and realize that material possessions really weigh me down. I don’t want to be held back by items from my past and I don’t want my stuff to define my status or who I am as a person. I would rather spend my time making memories and experiencing life than accumulating possessions that will either run out, become obsolete, or will be left behind when I pass from this world. Realizing this has really helped me to grow as a person. I don’t like clutter or meaningless possessions. I am fine with not following the trends because trends always go out of style eventually. I am not rooted on this earth and I am not of this world. That being said, I do enjoy the possessions that I have but they do not sustain me. I hope that all of you find your bliss and I thank you for walking with me on my journey. xoxo -runninganorganizedlife


5/10/17 College Essentials

As the school year winds down, many people are beginning to look onward to the next big event- college! College means a new room and more organization so here are the essentials:


Desktop Organizer

This is an absolute must. This organizer is the perfect place to store journals, notebooks, and pens. This piece is essential to maintaining a well organized space.

Frisco desktop organizer


Drawer Organizers

Disorganized desk drawers are so frustrating. There is nothing worse than organizing a drawer, closing it, and then reopening it only to find that all of the items inside have been jostled around. Invest in these beautiful bamboo drawer organizers and solve that problem!

Bamboo Drawer Organizers


3 Drawer Storage Cart

This piece is the perfect place to store clothing, toiletries, or shoes for your temporary residence. If you run out of room in your dresser, this storage cart can store the excess.

Target Storage Cart


Hanging Cube Organizer

Make the most of your closet space with this hanging organizer. Use storage cubes or simply place items onto the different shelves. This organizer is also a great place to store shoes.

Walmart Hanging Organizer



Buy an assortment of different bins to store clothes, towels, toiletries, or cosmetics. In order to stay organized, you will need to buy an assortment of different sizes and shapes to suit your individual needs.


Jewelry Organization

Consider bringing or buying a jewelry organizer. This will help you to keep track of your expensive items in addition to maintaining an organized room.

Good luck and happy organizing:-)

3/31/17 Packing Made Perfect

Packing for a trip can be a potentially stressful endeavor. However, if you address it in an organized manner, you will be able to save time, ensure that you pack all of your essentials, and remain focused.

First, write out a list of everything you will need for your trip. Keep this list organized and create sections for toiletries, clothes, food, and miscellaneous. When packing, a good tip is to roll your clothes- it is a great way to conserve space. In addition, things like cosmetic bags are perfect to keep toiletries orderly.

Next, find a suitcase with appropriate dimensions. The size will depend on how long your journey is expected to be. If you are flying to your destination, make sure that all of your items fulfill travel regulations. You may have to check your bags if you need to bring several large items or excessive amounts of liquids!

When flying, pack a carry-on bag with all of your essentials. Include things like charging cords, a change of clothes, a bathing suit, a few snacks, contacts/glasses, and necessary skin care products. This will ensure that even if your luggage is lost, you will be able to scrape by for at least a day.

In all cases, keep your suitcase organized and make use of the multiple pockets and compartments. Make sure to prepare for potential mishaps on the go, bring a magic eraser or stain removing stick to help you out in a pinch! Also, plan ahead and pack a few hangers if you are bringing dress clothes that could get rumpled or wrinkled.

Have safe travels and enjoy the ride and the destination!

3/16/17 Spring Cleaning

As winter melts into puddles of slush, tiny flower buds begin to emerge… Spring is nearly upon us and with spring comes spring cleaning! While spring cleaning may seem daunting at first, it can be made simple if you follow these tips:


Clean Your Windows

A simple wipe down of the windows will eliminate grime and dust that has built up in the winter months. With clean windows, more light will be able to enter the room and you will have a clearer view of the beauty unfolding outside as flowers begin to bloom!


Update Your Comforter

As the weather becomes warmer you will need less blankets to stay comfortable in bed. Remove any unnecessary throws or blankets from your bed and consider utilizing a lighter comforter for the spring months.


Get a Plant

Nothing says “spring” like a green plant or blooming flowers. Now that the dreary winter has passed, a little plant or some fresh flowers are the perfect addition to any space. If you do not have a green thumb, consider buying a little cactus or succulent! (Both are extremely low maintenance!!)



Last but not least, purge your belongings! If you have something that you no longer need, donate, pitch, or sell it! A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in the past year, get rid of it! Someone else could be benefiting from an item that is just uselessly lying around your home.
Have fun transforming your space into a spring masterpiece!

2/28/17 Versatile Cleaning Products


The average household possesses many items that are versatile in use. Here are a few examples of items from around the house that can double as cleaning products. Many of these are natural alternatives to the average cleaning product.

White vinegar: This cooking product is a natural antiseptic. Use it on your salad or to sanitize surfaces and clean mirrors/windows without leaving smudges. White vinegar is an extremely common, safe, and natural product; perfect for everyday use!

Baking soda: Mix this with vinegar to clean tough stains out of the sink or sprinkle it on the carpet to absorb odors. Also, make a natural air freshener by placing some baking soda in a glass container and drop your favorite essential oil on top. This is the best alternative to sometimes harmful chemical air fresheners.

Nail polish remover: Nail polish remover works great to remove nail polish but it can also be used to remove spray paint and some types of wall paint. It can also help to remove some types of glue and hairspray residue on mirror surfaces. The acetone is potent so only a small amount is needed to for this product to be effective!

Coconut oil: Coconut oil is a staple in many households. It can be used in baking/cooking, moisturizing, and for cleaning purposes. The most common use in cleaning is on furniture and wooden floors. Simply apply a small amount to an exposed wooden surface and rub or buff the area with a rag to create a shiny, varnished look.

2/22/17 Practical and Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms; sleeping, watching Netflix, and doing homework are just a few of the activities that take place here. My philosophy is that if you spend a lot of time in a place, you should feel comfortable and enjoy that space! Simple steps can be taken to make a space more enjoyable and tailored to your taste.

Fairy Lights

Christmas style, LED, white lights create a whimsical feel in any room. Simply drape these over your headboard or window and immediately create light and elegance. These lights are perfect because they are neutral and minimalist in addition to tasteful!

Large Drapes

Long, white, flowing drapes are functional and decorative. Adding these to a room will instantly add class in addition to blocking intrusive light at night.

Wall Art

Tasteful wall art is possibly the simplest way to update any room. Make or buy pictures, canvases, or paintings of Bible verses, scenes, and phrases that resonate with you and follow your room scheme.

Jewelry Display

Finding a beautiful jewelry box, tree, or set of hooks to perfectly display your jewelry collection is an inexpensive and practical means of decoration. This idea allows you to display some of your prized possessions in a way that is organized and beautiful.

Pillows, Bedspreads, and Throws

Your bed is probably the biggest and most central piece of furniture in your BEDroom. Simply changing the color and style of your pillows, bedspread, and throw blankets can help create an encompassing theme for the rest of your room. By updating this critical piece of furniture, your entire room can take on a new, fabulous look!

2/16/17 Journey to Organization Part 2

Instead of feeling like I was losing something, I trained myself to see the positive side. I was fortunate to have all that I needed and now I had the opportunity to give another little girl a gift that was result of my good fortune. This was the turning point for me. While it was a slow process getting to that point, as soon as I realized it I instantly had renewed zeal for cleaning out my numerous possessions. Giving away items that I no longer could use quickly became a rewarding process. Fast forward many years to present day and I still try to maintain that mindset when cleaning out my possessions. Along the way I have also developed a sense of economic and environmental responsibility. I pay for all of my worldly possessions aside from food and rent so I have learned not to waste money. Experiences are always WAY more personal when they are directly impacting you. In addition, I have come to realize how important it is to take care of Creation. This has motivated me to not waste and to be responsible when it comes to the gifts that have been given to me. Finally, I have a deeper understanding of who I am as a person. I don’t waste my time accumulating meaningless possessions when I know what really matters to me. I know my sense of style and I am significantly less attached to possessions as a whole. Organization is a big part of who I am as a person and the process of becoming organized has helped me to realize who I strive to become.