2/28/17 Versatile Cleaning Products


The average household possesses many items that are versatile in use. Here are a few examples of items from around the house that can double as cleaning products. Many of these are natural alternatives to the average cleaning product.

White vinegar: This cooking product is a natural antiseptic. Use it on your salad or to sanitize surfaces and clean mirrors/windows without leaving smudges. White vinegar is an extremely common, safe, and natural product; perfect for everyday use!

Baking soda: Mix this with vinegar to clean tough stains out of the sink or sprinkle it on the carpet to absorb odors. Also, make a natural air freshener by placing some baking soda in a glass container and drop your favorite essential oil on top. This is the best alternative to sometimes harmful chemical air fresheners.

Nail polish remover: Nail polish remover works great to remove nail polish but it can also be used to remove spray paint and some types of wall paint. It can also help to remove some types of glue and hairspray residue on mirror surfaces. The acetone is potent so only a small amount is needed to for this product to be effective!

Coconut oil: Coconut oil is a staple in many households. It can be used in baking/cooking, moisturizing, and for cleaning purposes. The most common use in cleaning is on furniture and wooden floors. Simply apply a small amount to an exposed wooden surface and rub or buff the area with a rag to create a shiny, varnished look.


1/12/17 How to Get Organized in 2017

A new year means new opportunities to stay organized. If your resolution was to get organized and stay clean in 2017, this is the perfect opportunity for you to pick up some helpful tips.

My first tip is to make a calendar complete with the times and descriptions of events to come. This will help you to remember important dates and stay on time.

My second tip is to establish habits to stay tidy. Make your bed each morning and set aside a day of the week to do the dusting and another for the vacuuming.

Third, do a purge of your possessions to start off the new year. Donate or throw away items that you no longer need.

Fourth, find a system of organization that works for you and your possessions. This will help to insure that organizing becomes a second nature.

Another helpful tip is to find a system to monitor your finances. I know that I blogged about this at an earlier time, but it is so important! Keeping track of your spendings and earnings will help you to become more financially responsible.

Finally, be transparent with yourself. If your “organizing” consists of shoving things under beds and forcing closet doors shut, you aren’t doing it right! The best tip to stay organized is to keep the maximum amount of your possessions visible. If you are forced to constantly see your possessions, you will be more willing to let go of less desirable items that you have clung to (for no particular reason) in the past.

Start 2017 off strong, this is your year to get life organized! As always, happy organizing! 🙂

1/5/17 Minimalism

Merriam Webster defines minimalism as “a style or technique that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity.” This is a practice that I have been trying to incorporate into my life for the past year or so. The first step when organizing is grouping like items together. After completing this step I often find that I have duplicates or an unnecessary amount of a specific type of item. I use this process to help me discern which items to donate or throw away. After purging myself of these unnecessary items, I am able to complete the organizing process. Minimalism has taught me how to live with the least possible amount of items. For example, instead of having three mediocre flashlights, keep just one nice flashlight. Another important part of living minimally is not recklessly spending and demanding instant gratification. Reckless spending leads to accumulation and being seduced by instant gratification can cause a person to become wasteful. That being said, when it is necessary to purchase an item, it is best to purchase something neutral. In jewelry, pearls and diamonds are durable and neutral while white, creams, and black are neutral colors in clothing and accessories. Lastly, it is important to consider how well made or durable an item is, the better quality the smaller chance that you will have to buy other items to replace it. Minimalism is applied best to more permanent items. Duplicates and accumulation of things like toiletries and cosmetics are understandable as they will eventually be used. I encourage you to try minimalism, sometimes those who have the least possessions have the greatest amount of joy! Happy organizing:)