4/6/17 Prom Etiquette

A few tips to follow in order to make prom a success:

The Right Dress

Long dresses are typical for the prom dance- make sure to pick a dress that is the right length and style. Take your time and plan ahead so that you will not become stressed when prom gets near!



When asking a date to prom, do it with class and creativity. Come up with a cute sign and some flowers or a small gift. Being in a relationship with your date is no excuse to slack off!!! They still deserve a creative “promposal.”


Date or no Date?

Don’t sweat the small stuff, having a date is not imperative to go to the dance. Find a group of friends to attend with if you do not plan on going with a date; it is better to go with friends you are comfortable with than a random guy or someone you dislike.



This is a tricky topic. The guy will typically buy the ticket for his date. If the couple is going as friends, however, the guy should still offer just to be polite. However, he should not be expected to pay for the tickets.



Similar to tickets, the guy usually buys dinner for his date. But, once again, if the couple is not romantically involved the guy should not be expected to pay. Pick a place that both people enjoy- the dinner will set the tone for the rest of the night!