2/28/17 Versatile Cleaning Products


The average household possesses many items that are versatile in use. Here are a few examples of items from around the house that can double as cleaning products. Many of these are natural alternatives to the average cleaning product.

White vinegar: This cooking product is a natural antiseptic. Use it on your salad or to sanitize surfaces and clean mirrors/windows without leaving smudges. White vinegar is an extremely common, safe, and natural product; perfect for everyday use!

Baking soda: Mix this with vinegar to clean tough stains out of the sink or sprinkle it on the carpet to absorb odors. Also, make a natural air freshener by placing some baking soda in a glass container and drop your favorite essential oil on top. This is the best alternative to sometimes harmful chemical air fresheners.

Nail polish remover: Nail polish remover works great to remove nail polish but it can also be used to remove spray paint and some types of wall paint. It can also help to remove some types of glue and hairspray residue on mirror surfaces. The acetone is potent so only a small amount is needed to for this product to be effective!

Coconut oil: Coconut oil is a staple in many households. It can be used in baking/cooking, moisturizing, and for cleaning purposes. The most common use in cleaning is on furniture and wooden floors. Simply apply a small amount to an exposed wooden surface and rub or buff the area with a rag to create a shiny, varnished look.


2/22/17 Practical and Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms; sleeping, watching Netflix, and doing homework are just a few of the activities that take place here. My philosophy is that if you spend a lot of time in a place, you should feel comfortable and enjoy that space! Simple steps can be taken to make a space more enjoyable and tailored to your taste.

Fairy Lights

Christmas style, LED, white lights create a whimsical feel in any room. Simply drape these over your headboard or window and immediately create light and elegance. These lights are perfect because they are neutral and minimalist in addition to tasteful!

Large Drapes

Long, white, flowing drapes are functional and decorative. Adding these to a room will instantly add class in addition to blocking intrusive light at night.

Wall Art

Tasteful wall art is possibly the simplest way to update any room. Make or buy pictures, canvases, or paintings of Bible verses, scenes, and phrases that resonate with you and follow your room scheme.

Jewelry Display

Finding a beautiful jewelry box, tree, or set of hooks to perfectly display your jewelry collection is an inexpensive and practical means of decoration. This idea allows you to display some of your prized possessions in a way that is organized and beautiful.

Pillows, Bedspreads, and Throws

Your bed is probably the biggest and most central piece of furniture in your BEDroom. Simply changing the color and style of your pillows, bedspread, and throw blankets can help create an encompassing theme for the rest of your room. By updating this critical piece of furniture, your entire room can take on a new, fabulous look!

9/15/16 Organization Tips: Part One

The concept of staying organized can often seem overwhelming. However, it will seem a lot less daunting if you create regular habits for an organized life. The following are tips that help me to stay organized, I hope that they work as well for you as they do for me! The first tip is to have a specific place for each item you own. This makes it easier to find things and keep things neat. In addition, I try to keep all items that are alike in one spot. For example, if you had wrapping paper in your basement and in your closet, you should combine them and keep them in a place together. Another thing that has helped me to stay organized is to tidy up regularly. If you set up a regular time for putting  things away everyday messes will not build up and you will avoid dreadful and  time consuming “big cleans.” It also helps to set a specific day for certain chores. An example of this is picking every Friday to vacuum and wash your bedding and Tuesdays to clean bathrooms. I also like to make lists frequently, not only does this give the satisfaction of being able to visually see the progress you make throughout the day, it also serves as a reminder for upcoming important tasks. Similarly, I keep and agenda for school assignments as well as another for life activities. This way you keep track of future activities and day to day life. Stay tuned, more to come next week!