4/20/17 Ways to Energize & Wake up!!

Our ability to function and the amount of sleep we get is directly related; in order to have a greater amount of energy, try going to bed a little earlier at night!

In the mornings drink something with a little caffeine. A green or English Breakfast tea is the perfect option. Stay away from super sugary drinks though, the sugar will give you a brief boost but the crash after is always terrible. (Coffee is also a suitable option if tea is not your style.)

Surround yourself with positive people, if the people around you are bringing you down, find new friends. Negative people will sap your energy away and will leave you feeling unhappy.

Essential oils are said to have many helpful properties. The orange essential oil can help to boost dropping energy levels. Simply apply the oil to your wrist or load it into the diffuser and enjoy the benefits of this naturally occurring energy booster.

Meditate or pray. A great way to boost energy is to recenter through meditation or prayer. Go to a calm place and take some deep breaths, you will immediately feel relaxed and prepared for what is to come.

Smile or laugh. These simple actions release endorphins which help to improve your mood and will make you feel more relaxed.

If you are really tired and have a few minutes to spare, try taking a power nap. This will only take about 15 minutes and you will awake feeling reenergized. Don’t sleep for more than 30 minutes though, you will enter REM sleep which will cause you to feel groggy upon waking.


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