2/9/17 My Journey to Organization

How did I get here? Hmm, that is a very good question with a complex answer. I am not entirely sure myself; I believe that it has something to do with my love for beauty, desire for orderliness, and attempts at environmental responsibility. When I was young, like third grade, I moved from my old house to my current house. As with any other normal moving process, there was lots of cleaning to do. I began to realize just how many possessions I had. My closet was bursting full of clothes, I was stashing old school papers on shelves, and I had a whole host of items that I didn’t even like thrown haphazardly around my room. Even worse, I found my room distasteful and stressful to be in. I was restless at night because I felt like I had no control over my life (which was quite clear given that my room was in shambles and I could never find anything). I finally decided to do something about it after being inspired by my friends’ clean rooms and some particularly horrible episodes of “Hoarders.” I began the long process of sorting and cleaning out. In the beginning it was quite difficult. I felt emotionally attached to EVERYTHING. Throwing away old, crumpled art projects was torture and I actually shed a tear after giving away some dresses that were way too small. As pathetic as that sounds, it really helped me to realize that I had to change my mindset. To be continued…


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