2/2/17 Memory Boxes

Memories are our greatest treasures. As organizing enthusiasts, holding on to items from our past can sometimes be cumbersome and unwanted. I am a firm believer in memory boxes, however. It is important to distinguish between “junk” and sentimental items. While it is okay to hold on to little trinkets that remind you of special times and events in our lives, it is crucial to remember that these things are not clutter and DO serve a purpose. As always, moderation is key. We want to have things to look back on as we age but these things should not rule our lives or overflow into all rooms of our house. A simple bin or box will do, limit yourself to this single space for all of your special items. As time progresses, contain all of your mementos in this precious box. Having a central place to contain all of your sentimental items will help you to keep inventory, remain organized, and stay clutter free. Memory boxes are so special, a single item from your past could spark hundreds of memories. One of the greatest gifts a parent could give their child is a collection of special items from their child’s past. This is a great gift to give your child around age twelve, allowing them the freedom to continue to add to their box as they grow older. Memory boxes are great for organizational and sentimental purposes. If you do not have one yet, I highly recommend that you create one. As always, happy organizing:-)


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