1/25/17 How to Have an Enjoyable Run

Everyone has a running horror story. Maybe your shoe fell off, your sock was rubbing, your watch broke, or the run just dragged on FOREVER. For some people, that last example is commonplace (unfortunately). However, it doesn’t have to be that way. The key is finding out how to make your run enjoyable (if running isn’t that enjoyable for you to begin with).

My first tip is to find music that is tasteful and upbeat. This will give you something to think about and will help to let your mind wander from the run.

Second, find comfortable shoes and clothing, if you are self conscious you will enjoy your exercise less.

Third, run with a friend, if possible. It is always comforting to have company and good conversation will make the run quick and more interesting. Also, having a partner will help to motivate you to perform at your best!

Fourth, find a scenic area to go for a jog. Pounding feet on drab cement is disheartening for anyone, a pretty park or mysterious woods could be the adventure you have been waiting for!

Fifth, make a goal. Maybe this goal is a certain mile pace or maybe you decide to run a race you have always wanted to sign up for. Whatever it is, keep it in mind as you run. This will help to give your run a purpose and will make you stay motivated.

Running is a great way to stay active so find a way to work it into your schedule- it might just give you the energy to stay organized. As always, happy organizing:-)


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