9/8/16 In a Nutshell…

Life is full of unknowns and unpredictables. Sometimes unexpected things can bring us great joy and other times anxiety or pain. Organization allows me to feel more in control when I encounter these unforeseen situations. I regularly make lists and plan for  upcoming events. I also work hard to schedule my time as I can be very busy on weekdays due to running, work, school, and Church. Running is another thing that brings me satisfaction. I am currently training for a half marathon; while this goal of 13.1 miles seemed ominous at the start, I am able to plan out my training in order to make each increasing mile more attainable. I am currently up to eight miles on long run days. My goal is to run about five days a week and to cross-train on the two days I have a break from running. Through this intense training, I have found that running brings me great comfort and serenity. Both organizational skills and running bring me refreshment and closer to finding my bliss. Throughout my blog, I plan to discuss topics that deal with organizational skills and running, as well as pertinent occurrences that happen in my day to day life. My hopes are that as I blog about my daily experiences, I will gain a deeper understanding of my goals in this life and discover what I can strive to pursue in the future.


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